We believe that we can attain our set goals for this year with
formidable staff that is professionally diligent, honest and with
great sense of responsibility to handle this business effectively
in providing our valued sponsors the best service they expect
from us.

We provide and deliver the best manpower and services –
promptly, honestly, and professionally.

We center and devote our time on what we can offer you, a
partner in building and fostering a relationship that does not rest
on business and personal alone but extends beyond horizon
and hope to last a long time.


With the advent of Information Technology (IT) it makes almost
everything possible, accessible and achievable. It indeed makes
life easier.

We will unload our Foreign Principal/Employer/Workers the
trouble of spending more money, time and effort.
This can be achieved through the Wonders of Communications
that will bridge the gap through the powers of computers. Our
exchange of ideas will be coursed through Website, Internet
Messenger, E-mail, Fax or Voice over Internet Protocol.
To illustrate – the needs for manpower services / source in any
category shall be sent by the Foreign Principal / Employer /
Workers to us through our E-mail. This likewise applies to
sending of Job Order.
Through the systematic process and trained staff we can then
start pooling qualified candidates for the position. From our
computerized Data bank, Paid Advertisement both in print and
broadcast media, attending of Job Fairs in the provinces, our
Principal Client is ensured of enough supply for their demands.
To correspond, we send the resumes / boo-data of applicants /
candidates for a certain job category. From the list of potential
employees, the Foreign Principal / Employer / Workers will then
select. This is done through the same scheme – computer
We, as manpower service providers see to it that we only deploy
the best. Our senior staff and authority on certain job category,
per screens the applicants.
An applicant who hurdles the trade-tests (optional) or interview
and other requirements, will be asked to wait for a call from us
the soonest time possible. Within which we are awaiting words
from our Foreign Principal following our endorsement of the
“qualified” applicants’ names and applications.
We then request the Employer to personally come or send a
Representative to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia
and other ASEAN countries or through phone to personally
conduct the final interview of the applicants and approval of

Manpower Pooling

Upon receipt of Job Order from the Employer, we start pooling
qualified candidates. We go through our computerized data
bank, post advertisements in leading newspapers or attend job
fairs to ensure that we have enough number of candidates for
each category.

Per-screening of Candidates            

Our senior staffs conduct the Per-screening of candidates and
see to it that only those who are qualified are endorsed to the
employer for final interview and approval.

Final Interview

We request that employer to send their representative to the
Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other ASEAN
countries or through phone to conduct the final interview. If this is
not possible, we send the boo-data of qualified candidates to
the employer for final approval. If necessary we require the
candidates to undergo trade testing.

Medical / Psychological Testing

After the final interview, an approved candidate is sent to our
accredited clinic for physical, medical and psychological
examination. The clinic will certify whether he/she is FIT or

Per-departure Orientation Seminar

All contract workers are required to attend the Pre- Departure
Orientation Seminar (PDOS) prior to their deployment.
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